New song up!! She loves the Girth, a gritty bluesy tale, dug from the shallows of New Orleans, check it out! http://www.jango.com/music/Pilla?l=0

It is coming... we are finishing details on this acoustic album, we have some songs released on jango, trust us, its gonna be worth the wait..

NEW SONG!!! We told ya we were working on stuff..... Finally, the legendary She Loves The Girth, soon to be on I-Tunes! We will be putting out more samples soon.... sample it at http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID=406242

PILLA on the radio!!!!
Tune in this Sun, July 11th, between 9 and 10pm, they tell us they are gonna play " Memphis " Hell yeah!!! 106.1 FM

Pilla Energy Drink Are Here!!!
The wait is over!!! We now have them available for shipping $3.50 a can! They are a custom blend, designed to give FULL energy and a great taste!! People who have had them, compare them to a more fruity tasting red bull, but you decide!! We are running a special : Get a CD AND Drink for $10!! email @ mail@pillaband.com to get it!! Also, we do have a new drummer, we would like to welcome Tony Dark to the band!! He comes from the band NO PRIDE, and brings a real high-energy, kick in the ass feel to his drums, and we are excited to have him!! We wish Johnny Shore the best, as he decided to pursue other interest in his life. Im sure you'll see him at a show and probably a ocassional guest apperance!! Tracks for the acoustic album are still underway, so stay tuned!!!

Lots of new shows!!! Acoustic album is being worked on right now!!! We have a few songs done, except vocals, and a few demos we are workin on, we are hopin to be done by April!! Stay tuned!
PILLA COMING TO ROCK BAND 2!!!! We are in talks to get a song as downloadable playable song!! Stay tuned for details!!!
Lots of Stuff goin on!! OFFICIAL VIDEO for Make Me Believe coming soon!!! Stay tuned for details!! Also, the acoustic album is still in the recording stages and sounding great!! Lots of new tunes comin!!
The LIVE show on 88.1 KVSC radio went great!! Look for footage w/ the interview coming up, along with our official video for Make Me Believe!!!
The LIVE performance will be Mon, Sep 21st. If your in Minnesota, you tune into 88.1 @ 10pm. If not, go to www.kvsc.org and click on MONDAY NIGHT LIVE it will tell you how to get there. Tune in, cause we will be playin hard, and giving stuff away!! Free stuff!!
We do a LIVE taping on St Cloud college radio, KVSC 88.1! Stay tuned for details!!
We have Radio play on a great Internet site called Jango!! We need your help!! Copy and past the link and rate us! You can also discover other great new music! http://www.jango.com/music/Pilla

Back to the Studio!! We have started working on the Acoustic album we've talking about! Along with acoustic versions of We Had A Love, Christy, and More, It will have quite a few new tunes on it!! Expect a few acoustic covers to be released soon also!!

Request Pilla on WDYN radio!!!
Request Memphis and a Bottle of Booze or Creeper on WDYN. Keep the Rock Rolling. http://www.wdyn.net/requestasong.html.

Help Pilla Play at Summerfest
We need your votes and help. Follow the link; type in Pilla; then click on the VOTE NOW button. You can vote up to ten times a day. www.myspace.com/briggsbattleofthebands.

The new website is finally up thanks to Mr. Pilla for his hard work in getting this complete... slacker.
Rift Magazine has reviewed "Don't Touch Me".
check it out here... Rift Review.
PILLA featured artist on WDYN radio!!
MR Pilla did a LIVE interview for this internet radio station, which we will post soon. Here's the site where we are featured www.wdyn.net.
Stayed tuned for album reviews and interviews coming up!!!
MAKE ME BELIEVE feat. on Hunting Commercial (not for faint of heart)
Make Me Believe, is being used in a national advertising mission, for a unique Bird-hunting device. Do NOT VIEW if you have a weak stomach, dont like seeing hunting vids etc.... we warned you.
Water Fowl Junkie's website.
We put up a few new ringtones Bandit and We had a Love get em!!!!
Pilla ringtones on myxer
Purchase Pilla's debut album on itunes or cdbaby.

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